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The Candidates and Conspiracy- and the winner is...

The Candidates and Conspiracy- and the winner is...

I'll admit, this is perhaps regressing, however since we have seen many are using the Internet to gather facts about the presidential candidates, I could not resist. How many Google Search Returns are there if you do the following searches on Google:

Candidates full name, Conspiracy

There is no doubt that a certain segment of our population takes very seriously a well pitched or partially proven conspiracy. After all, just look at the phenomenal success of Dan Brown's novel (based on the pseudo facts of the Rennes-Le-Ch√Ęteau story) "The da Vinci Code." That gripped society, similar to how this election is and surely will do so more and more leading into November. So let's see what we get with these searches (I love Google):

John McCain, Conspiracy searched within Google returns this:
fficial&client=firefox-a>John McCain and Conspiracy
That amounts to 445,000 possible links about conspiracies potentially related to John McCain.

Barack Obama, Conspiracy searched within Google returns this:
fficial&client=firefox-a>Barack Obama and Conspiracy
That amounts to (at the time I ran the search) exactly 460,000 returns on potential shady situations that related to Barack Obama.

Ron Paul, Conspiracy returns this:
fficial&client=firefox-a>Ron Paul and Conspiracy

That is so far topping the cake at this point with 465,000. Yet, those who know Ron Paul, realize that he is the one "exposing" many of these conspiracy theories that are out there about the Federal Reserve and our flawed monetary policy as a nation. Thus, we can discount these.

Hillary Clinton, Conspiracy searched within Google gets us this:
fficial&client=firefox-a>Hillary Clinton Conspiracy

This amounts to 476,000 returns and thus the winner is, of this dubious, odd-ball article, Hillary Clinton!

I was sort of shocked, honestly, that all of the above virtually had the same amounts of links on the "conspiracy" search. Then again, it is a doggy-dog business politics, thus I guess it can be expected. Yet, let's end with a shocking truth:

George Bush, Conspiracy came up with only 529,000 hits, as you can read here:
fficial&client=firefox-a>President Bush and Conspiracy

That really shocked me, for I figured it would be much higher.

Bill Clinton, Conspiracy searched within Google brought us these returns:
fficial&client=firefox-a>Former President Bill Clinton and Conspiracy

This brings us years worth of links or a whopping 1,840,000 pages! Goodness gracious, that is incredible.

Please, do not take this article too seriously, but still, it is interesting. I dare not even go into the various shocking details (if true) many of these links bring to light. Where there is smoke, however, there is very often fire- or at least a cigarette if you are walking down the sidewalk in front of a busy bar these days.

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