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SuperTuesday Analysis - The Democrats Web Battle

January 28, 2008

SuperTuesday Analysis -
The Democrats Web Battle
Google Trend & Web Hits Reports

Mr. Barack Obama vs. Mrs. Hillary Clinton

As we have seen in past articles about the use of the internet for researching and perhaps picking a candidate to run for president, it has merit in giving us a snap-shot of what is happening. What is amazing, is that Obama's surge on Google hits is coming down a bit and overall Clinton may have the edge in many of the key states- yet what effect will Sen. Kennedy's support for Barack bring and can Bill pull it together for Hillary? I would keep an eye on the below Google Trend reports as well as the hits on their web sites (the hits can be key).

WEB SITE HIT COMPARISON (Number of Visitors)
Mr. Barack Obama vs. Mrs. Hillary Clinton

On http://www.alexa.com you can get an even more up-to-date chart, which shows Obama has taken a commanding lead in web site hits, which they are sustaining.

State-by-State - SuperTuesday
Mr. Barack Obama vs. Mrs. Hillary Clinton

Alabama (primary) Google Searches Chart for Alabama
Alaska (caucus) Google Searches Chart for Alaska
American Samoa (primary)
Arizona (primary) Google Searches Chart for Arizona
Arkansas (primary) Google Searches Chart for Arkansas
California (primary) Google Searches Chart for California
Colorado (caucus) Google Searches Chart for Colorado
Connecticut (primary) Google Searches Chart for Connecticut
Delaware (primary) Google Searches Chart for Delaware
Democrats Abroad (primary)
Georgia (primary) Google Searches Chart for Georgia
Idaho (primary) Google Searches Chart for Idaho
Illinois (primary) Google Searches Chart for Illinois
Kansas (caucus) Google Searches Chart for Kansas
Massachusetts (primary) Google Searches Chart for Massachusetts
Minnesota (caucus) Google Searches Chart for Minnesota
Missouri (primary) Google Searches Chart for Missouri
New Jersey (primary) Google Searches Chart for New Jersey
New Mexico (caucus) Google Searches Chart for New Mexico
New York (primary) Google Searches Chart for New York
North Dakota (caucus) Google Searches Chart for North Dakota
Oklahoma (primary) Google Searches Chart for Oklahoma
Tennessee (primary) Google Searches Chart for Tennessee
Utah (primary) Google Searches Chart for Utah

Although Mr. John Edwards is likely not to win any primaries, his influence will none-the-less be felt. He is predicted to get good percentages in just about any given state. And as we can see, when we add him into the Google Trends Report, he gets a decent amount of attention:

Google Searches - The Edwards Factor

His factor will come into many possibilities. Will some who would have voted for him in a primary coming up in Super Tuesday "switch" to either Hillary or Barack to help ensure their "second" choice? And finally, if Edwards would drop out, who would he endorse? John Edwards fills an amazing number of votes and his impact may be the deciding factor. I argue that his *staying* in the race, helps Barack Obama.

Super Tuesday, here we come! It is exciting, to say the least. Stay tuned to this page for updates and more web data as it becomes available.

EXTRA CHART - All Presidential Candidates (Google Trends) Rep. and Dem:
(Click on Graphic for Link to Google Trends Report)

Wait a minute: Does this mean Google Trends says the New York Giants will win the Super Bowl (That is quite a spike up...):
Giants vs. Patriots - Google Trends Chart

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