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USD on a cliffs edge (video) -

The United States Dollar spot index, the DXY (78.66 | -0.52 | -0.66%), has recently hit mid-term lows; but still well off it's low of 73 more than a year ago now. This said, there are many whom see the USD as sitting the edge of cliff, with a lot of obstacles before it. For instance, the summary for the below video interview reads;

"The dollars role as the world's main currency is over and its future is unstable, says author and journalist Webster Tarpley"
Source: Webster Tarpley: US Dollar is Dead

So, let's hear exactly what he has to say:

He does not mince words, with such quotes as, "Obama is speaking through his hat" with regards to the economy recovering and, "you'll have to bring your money in a wheel barrel to the supermarket..."

With that, here is some more news on the USDollar from today...

USD and Israel
"Sidebar: You saw where the J-Post is reporting "Bank of Israel halts daily dollar-purchase program"? This can be read as either loss of faith in the Buck, or voting with their wallet on how the Obama administration has been acting lately..."

Source: http://urbansurvival.com/week.htm

"Every large dollar holder knows going in that it has been US policy for years to inflate its currency. They should have recognized this as a cost of doing business. This inflation in part allowed US consumers the ability to continue to buy massive amounts of foreign products. That meant that in time the dollar was doomed to fall in value. Eventually dollar holders will lose 2/3’s of their dollar purchasing power via devaluation and default. As a result of these profligate US policies we hear rumors that secret deals have been made with creditors to keep them from dumping their dollar denominated assets. It is finally becoming clear to foreigners that today’s American financial system is built on fraud benefiting a small group of elitists who control Wall Street, banking and our government. Then again foreigners are not without fault. Almost every one of them have manipulated their currencies and secretly and openly subsidized their industries. Thus, there is plenty of blame to go around."
Source: Fiat Money Created Out of Thin Air: The Bank Bailouts are Unconstitutional - 12 Aug 09

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Middaugh F
21-05-2017 21:30:24
USD dollar rates going increased day by day. And the value of local rupee in front of UDS dollar is decreasing. The United States know how to inflate its currency. But I am really surprised to know custom essay service uk fact that American’s financial system is built on fraud as this is revealing the truth for me at least.

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