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Indiana and North Carolina, here we search!

Indiana & North Carolina: Hillary vs Barack - The Google Effect

Indiana & North Carolina: Hillary vs Barack -
The Google Effect

Google searches. We all do them. In this 2008 presidential election, many are using Google to help find out more information on the candidates. Some may even be looking for dirt. However, for the most part, the more searches, the better, at least one would assume. Google Trends is a new tool (Still in beta actually with Google Labs.) that allows you to compare two search terms, for instance the iPod vs Zune. It is certainly useful for product managers- why not useful for campaign managers? Why not useful for us?

Before we analysis the coming primaries in Indiana and North Carolina, let us first look in review at Pennsylvania and the Google Trend Charts there. What was amazing was that Hillary literally clawed her way back. You can see the screen shot images in this past article to see how she gained or Obama received fewer searches over the weeks leading up to that very important primary just a day ago. Now, look at this latest Google Trends Chart:

PA Google Trend Chart
Barack vs Clinton

Notice how tight it was the last 30 days in PA between Barack and Clinton...

What is coming up on May 6th.- starting with Indiana;

Indiana Google Trend Chart
Barack vs Clinton

And of course the other May 6th primary is in North Carolina. How does the search race look there;

North Carolina Google Trend Chart
Barack vs Clinton

For sure we see a big surge in North Carolina for Obama- the MSM (Main Stream Media) polls tell us that as well. Yet, still, it is just an indicator, not a crystal ball.
Politics is all about people. Not only is it not sure that more searches means more votes (although in these cases I believe that for Obama.), however people change their minds. Hillary fought hard in PA and seemed to win the hearts and minds of many back. So perhaps keep an eye on these charts the coming days and see if any momentum changes leading up to these exciting primaries occur with regards to Google searches.

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02-02-2017 17:32:40
Well Google is a good source of information but never use it to decide about your vote. Being writer at www.uk-dissertation.net I always get in touch with internet and google different things. It has so many sources for information but they are not true all the time.

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