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Setting Your Priorities in 2015

Setting `Your` Priorities — The Key to Problem/Issue Solving so you can be Successful in 2015

From problem/issue solving to becoming fulfilled and fully alive… five steps to live in balance and be successful in business and life in general.
When we have fuzzy priorities, it’s no wonder we keep complicating our lives. Any life-balance problem/issue usually isn’t so bad when we’re in our 20s and 30s, the time in life when we’re young and problem/issue solving is pretty straightforward. And since we’re young, the responsibilities aren’t usually that bad. They’re usually pretty manageable. We normally can find a way to figure it out.

But when we get into our peak-earning and tower-building years when we’re making our mark in our careers, getting promotions, and our family is growing we start hearing more of these voices clamoring relentlessly for our time. And they start saying, just like in the drama, “Pay attention to me. You’ve got to pay attention to me. I’m the most important one here.”

Start making a difference in the world, connect with family, friends, colleagues and God.

When having it all is not enough, discover what really matters in life.

The majority of the people I work with and these are educated people, professionals, high achievers, executives, people in ministry, spouses they all keep asking me for some kind of a magic potion for problem/issue solving and balancing their life. They say things like, “Just help me hold it all together.” It’s as if they think I have the power to give them a 36-hour day.

Well, here’s the bad news: Balance is a myth. No elixir exists. There’s no potion out there that’s going to give you the 36-hour days or give you a balanced life in which you can do it all. Something’s got to give.

If you try to appease all of the voices, all those constituencies out there who keep hammering on you for your time, you will eventually let some of them down. And worst of all, you’re going to end up killing yourself. Someone or some group is going to get short-changed either intentionally or subconsciously if you keep trying to do it all.

But I want to give you a ray of hope in this: It is possible to set clean boundaries and to release some of the responsibilities you thought you had to maintain. It is possible to return to a life of sanity, problem solving, and more fulfilment. You’ll find that when you release some of these things you thought you could never let go of, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

During the crunch-time years, usually in our 30s, 40s, and 50s, when we’re forced to give something up, most of us choose to ignore the least squeaky wheel in our lives. And you know what that usually is? The family. I’ve found in working with more than 600 high achievers that with very few exceptions all of the lame clichés that go something like, my family comes first, are simply platitudes. They mock what really happens.

Delaying family needs, especially the husband-wife relationship, is the easiest for us to rationalise when we’ve got a ton of things going on. Yet, each one of these rationalisations, each late-night meeting, each crisis at the office, or the weekend problem/issue solving, each one of these withdraws harder in funds from the inner personal bank account of our loved ones, emotional and connection funds that are very expensive to replace at a later date.

Start experiencing a grander version of life in which you are always fulfilled.

Do not believe me? Ask the executive fathers who have teenagers, who are now seeking a deeper relationship with their kids after years of absence while they focused on their careers.

The currency of this inner personal bank account isn’t money, but it’s time and tenderness. And these are rare commodities for most absent parents who long to connect. But I’m going to pose to you, there is hope. It is possible to release the obligations we thought we had to hold and to reclaim a vibrant relationship with our loved ones.

Often, we somehow meet family and vocational needs, but we give up our personal needs. We postpone getting fit, enjoying recreation, or making time for solitude, prayer, or reflection. We just don’t have time for these. But these are the activities that keep us sharp and alive. We say something like, “I know I need to do this, and I really want to, and I’m going to get at it next year. I’m going to make that resolution, I know, next New Year’s. Once my life comes down, I’ll really be able to attack this,” but it never happens.

You’ve probably figured out life never calms down. There’s always just one more hill to climb, one more deal to close, one more quarter to make, one more board to sit on, one more team to coach, one more crisis. There’s always one more problem-solving, stress-inducing, time-involving priority.

But, again, I’m going to ask you to take heart; there’s a way out of this. If we closely examine the patterns of how we commit, we can start to hold back on these commitments. We can get out of this place of over-committing and live a life in which we’ve chosen the right priorities for ourselves and our loved ones.

So these are the steps to getting balance back in your life: The first step is to admit two things to yourself. The first is: This isn’t working. The second, I cannot have it all. If you’re still trying to figure out a way to do it all, to have your cake and eat it too, well, I’m going to tell you straight out, you’re in denial. I cannot help you. But if you’re willing to examine some of your life’s patterns and admit that parts of your life aren’t working and that you cannot have it all, then I’ll pose to you, you’re in a place where you can get your time and your sanity back.

The second step for getting your life back after you’ve accepted that you cannot have it all is to set and enforce boundaries in your life. Do this directly, cleanly, and, if necessary, bluntly. Setting boundaries means telling people very exactly what you will and will not do.

Here are some examples for you. Try out some of this language and see what it would be like for you to use these words as you’re being confronted with new opportunities that will take away your time. First thing you might say, “I won’t serve on your board.” In a more positive sense, “I will be on your committee, but, if it begins to take over my committed amount, which is three hours a month, I’m going to have to tell you right now, I’m going to have to resign.” “I will accept your offer to join your nonprofits board, but only if I’m exempt from having to do the things that are outside of my skill set.” In a work environment you might say the following to somebody who works for you: “I will not give you that raise until you can meet the following performance threshold.”

Another positive side effect, setting and enforcing boundaries may be very tough at first and it could cause some tension and conflict, but if you stick by your word, I believe you can deliver the message respectfully and you’ll be in a healthy, enduring relationship. And here’s the huge bonus: You’re going to have more time.

The third step for problem/issue solving and restoring balance in your life is to start telling yourself right now you do not have to do anything. About the only things you and I have to do are to breathe and to have our heart beat. And I’ll tell you, in my life, at least, those things happen automatically anyway. I’m asking you to consider that every action you take is a conscious choice. Sure there are consequences, but you are doing the choosing. The key question is, are you willing to accept the consequences? If you are, then honour your choice. If not, then choose not to do the action.

You may be at a stage of life during which you choose to work very hard. Okay, go for it. Be conscious about it. I’m going to do this because it’s important to me and I recognise and accept that some of my other relationships may suffer for a period of time. But I want everybody in my life to be aware of this. “Honey, I want you to know I’m choosing to work these hours because it’s important for me and my career right now. And I recognise there’s a risk it may hurt our relationship and our family. But I’m doing it consciously, and I want you to know.”

Do this even though others may not like it and they may not even buy in. If you do this consciously, you’re acknowledging the risk, even though it’s a small one, that the relationships might end. But be conscious about it. You are making choices.

The fourth step for restoring balance, find some people in your life who are good at setting and enforcing boundaries. Let these people become your mentors. If you find that you struggle with balance and boundaries, find people who both seem to get a lot done and also seem to have all the time in the world. Who are your role models for people who have good boundaries in their life? Ask them to be on your personal board of directors, to be a coach to you, to help you set and enforce your own boundaries. Ask for their encouragement; ask them to hold you accountable. Use them as an alcoholic uses his sponsor so that you can call them whenever you’re considering a project or a relationship that is on the fringe of your boundaries that might corrupt the balance in your life.

Have these friends or mentors guide you in clearly resetting your boundaries so that you have time for what you’ve declared to be important in your life. And give them permission to both be your cheerleader when you’re doing what you want and, also, to cut it short when you start whining and making excuses.

There’s one final step for solving problems/issues and restoring balance in your life. And that’s to find a group of friends, a community, who will express their love for you no matter how much or how little you do. Having friends or loved ones who will stand by us and love us when we make these tough choices gives us the confidence and support to make these choices and to stand by them. A direct, truthful, forthright message delivered with compassion can communicate our boundaries cleanly, clearly, and tenderly. And friends that support us also help us stay firm in our choices and not be swayed by the pleas and the bargaining and the rationalisations and all the threats of others who want our time.

Shift your life into a place of passion, purpose, gratitude, wisdom, and serenity. Be a giver and not a taker in life!

As mature adults, we’re never forced to do anything. We always know we’re making a choice. Anytime you find yourself saying, “Well, yes, but I have to,” you’re becoming a victim. And you’re honouring the treadmill way of life. There are always three choices that we have: To do something, to not do something, and to try to find some other approach. The choice is up to you. Live your life to the full and be happy!

Now go and be successful in life.

How will you set your priorities to grow you and your business successfully?
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Setting Your Priorities in 2015

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Before plastic was introduced, and when steel limited uses in community, containers for all sorts of beverages were created of cup and enclosed with cork. Mermaid Wedding DressesEventually, countless numbers and thousands of corks and container closures were developed and applied. However, only a few have live through from among those countless numbers, and some more were created efficient. Even though wines are still created with cup, there are 5 essential types of container corks are still in use.Best Designer Handbag The significance of corks and closures are generally weakened. In fact, they play an important role in exposing some information about the content of the container that it is defending. A stopper can expose the age of your bottles of wine within, and also the quality. Indian Silk SareesAlso, Different corks are used for different beverages, For example, the closing that is used for a container of soft drinks is different from one that contains alcohol, etc.

Natural Cork For Traditional Bottles: This is, and always has been, the most everyday sort of stopper that is used for any kind of container. Handbags with regard to HolidayEven now, with modern and elegant techniques for connecting up containers, cork is still preferred. It is constructed from the wood within a cork shrub, which is firm, but a little bit versatile. For Ultimate Shopping ExperienceThis allows the cork to keep the items in a container absolutely enclosed, while simultaneously, enabling your bottles of wine to come in contact with the air because of its permeable nature
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Many people ignore the value of a trip.mini dental implants? When you discover that your perform starts to use you down, you really need to ensure that you are looking after your body.A high protein hit without calories! While it is easy to persuade one’s self that there is always a longer period for relax later, it is important to pay attention to your body’s pressure signs. If you discover your skin is splitting out, your heart is fluttering with pressure, your sleep is racked with inadequate goals, or you are usually in a bad disposition, it 's a chance to hit stop on perform responsibilities and hit the street.Preparation Before Surgery

If you think street trips is not the response for you, think again. Plenty of individuals have found their flavor of independence and pleasure on the streets.Hair Loss Can Be Controlled With The Right Medication Even if you are not the type to enjoy winding day time cruise trips, you can use accommodations car to get to a new location, or discover one after a plane.
Breast reduction can help increase self-confidence levels
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You should always convert your concentrate to signs that the industry responds to. A favorable deal on car loanThe weather is set to notice which details the industry believes the most essential. For example when the US is running into in huge business failures, the industry will concentrate on business balance details. Login to PNC online bankingIn an financial growth with high manufacturing, the industry won’t concentrate on lack of stock. If a certain currency it’s becoming poor, the industry will absolutely convert its target the nation rising prices.Forex trading using news

The real shift here is to know when signs are coming out, and what does industry forecasters expect. Focus on the gap that the anticipations and the actual signal says, a huge edge can be a cause for price activity.You Need to Know About Exponential Moving Averages Turn your focus on good details nourish following a released signal, it can really tell about how the industry is responding.Trading the Foreign Exchange Take advantage of the temporary possibilities provided and analyze the long lasting effects of the signal itself. All industry objectives are often released for financial produces.

Investing successfully in stock marketAs you can see following good details can be a great friend while we are dealing, most investors are always very well informed of journals on financial activities, best forex no first time down payment rewards and work together with forecasters that are acquainted to details systems techniques.Stock Market and its Functions
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The world of marketing requirements your attention.Techniques To Beat Competition You have to stand above the styles and topped competitors, and there’s not always a clear way to do that, but there are methods to learn new methods in the form of workshops and conferences.choosing a rent-a-car agency However, these can be expensive, both for you and your companies, but there are methods you can cut down on the charges.

For beginners, be sure that your resorts aren’t squandering your additional for needless add-ons. Your Small Business Services High-class gadgets can end up squandering your, even if you don’t take benefit of the additional solutions. By all means, take care of yourself. Dress Shoes Under $100It makes your journey more soothing, and more fun, which will enhance your psychological energy and help you maintain information. But, create sure you’re not spending any more than you, yourself, need. Wells Fargo bank loginDo a little research on resorts and resorts in the area before making the journey to cut down on expenses.Companies Embrace Online Marketing

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