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Developing A Positive Approach

Developing A Positive Approach

The art of being yourself at your best is the art of unfolding your personality into the person you want to be. Be gentle with yourself, learn to love yourself, to forgive yourself, for only as we have the right attitude toward ourselves can we have the right
attitude toward others.
- Wilfred Peterson, poet and moralist

What works for me is to arrive and remember to smile. You can only do...
...that if you start with positive thoughts in your head and then keep building on them. There are two strategies I use for this – meditation and positive self talk. These are strategies to develop your thoughts and your thought processes which create the direction, the speed and the power of your actions. 99% of our life is positive and it only becomes negative if we let it became that way.

Meditation is time put aside specifically to clear the mind of clutter and allow it to focus, to develop the thoughts that matter; a cleansing which takes away obstacles and leaves the profound. In the same way, some people will use prayer. Prayer also gives the opportunity to clear the mind through focusing on a set of religious beliefs. Using music or song and chant can help the process of meditation or prayer, help you to focus and to order your energy to work to the good.

I believe successful achievers find energy through meditation and prayer. Sometimes I find that I am not meditating but simply lying there thinking about positive things. It doesn’t matter about doing it right but it is possible. You certainly wouldn’t do them if you carried the negative thoughts around with you.

We all have different voices in our heads that talk to us and, sometimes, to each other. We are doing this all the time and often conflict is created in our own mind by the different voices disagreeing with each other. There is a process called voice dialogue which brings these voices into the open by the use of a facilitator. Through that process, the energy can be moved to the argument that is most valid and will allow matter to be removed and focus to be restored.

A recent example of this for me was when my business was taking a turn for the worse, in that, for the second time, one of my business partners decided that they were in the wrong place and wanted to move on. This created a litigious and unhealthy environment and a place where I felt myself moving into depression, considerably lacking in self esteem and belief in my own ability and the constant negative thought that, as I was getting older I was losing my ability to create. As these negative thoughts moved up into my mind, I moved into depression, lacked energy and had

...little desire to achieve. The turn round was not luck. I remember clearly the point I decided that I had to change the whole energy that I was giving out.

I made a conscious decision and I still recall the phrase ‘walk, talk, believe in what you have created, stop crying into your beard and stand up for your beliefs and values’. By listening to this self-talk, I acted and physically walked taller, I used words that were more positive and changed completely the unhealthy environment that I had negatively created. Suddenly there was a new energy from the people who worked around me. The business, which had stalled in one year was increased by over 100%. Colleagues, who were barely supporting me, suddenly became great advocates not only of our business processes but also of me personally. My self-esteem was regained and it is a piece of learning I shall never forget.

So when people around you exhort you to be more positive, listen to them. It might just turn things around for you.

'An organisation's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive business advantage.'

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Have fun, learn heaps, and enjoy every step of your journey!

Developing A Positive Approach!

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Comments on this item:

28-03-2013 11:01:55
I like your comment because this is a very powerful tool. In India this is taught by parents to their children. Hence I understand this. We have work with no or little facility at work and survive at times do excellent work.You are right it should be be in the ethos of every person who wants to succeed.
Aloke Chakravartty

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