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Democratic Candidates WWW Site Analysis and Comparison

Democratic Candidates WWW Site Analysis and Comparison

Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama
Democratic Race
Election 2008

Site Styles
Clinton's site starts with a "splash" that has a picture of her. Obama and Edwards both have photos of them with their families, which does look nice. Clinton and Edwards seem to use the same sort of back-end to their web pages. All have an "issues" link, which is useful for all of us to study and better understand. How are their sites doing in terms of visitors though?

We have seen other articles highlighting the fact that Ron Paul has been leading the pack with the number of Google searches being done for him compared to the others in the race. Obama has been surging very strongly in this area as well. This may or may not equal into web hits on their main campaign sites, however is interesting that they both have top-visited sites

Site Comparison
Compete.com is a clean, neat site that will do various web analytics, and best of all also compare up to three sites at no charge. The big question is, what happens when we fill in their main campaign web sites; www.hillaryclinton.com, www.johnedwards.com and www.barackobama.com? See the results here:

Very interesting. Once again, we see Barack making a break upwards...

Monthly Unique Visitors:
hillaryclinton.com 317,760
barackobama.com 488,911
johnedwards.com 177,667

It should be noted, Ron Paul is leading the republicans with 618,846 monthly visitors and thus all presidential candidates.

What Does This All Mean?
Barack Obama is certainly looking strong. Naturally more may know Hillary and thus visit her site a bit less. However with this election being so important, I have the idea that people are doing more research than ever- at least we would hope so...

Just as with Google Search's and it's Trends tool, it is impossible to say that web hits equal votes. Then again, when we see that 72% of our nation is online, that amounts to an incredible amount of potential. Pewresearch.org reports that 25% or so of all Americans use the internet to make choices about the election. An even higher 42% of young adults are using the internet to get information on the candidates. SOURCE: www.pewreseacrh.org

At the end of the day it is up to you- and well, that makes you one of the 25% above, thus tell your family and friends as well about the candidates web pages. We can learn a lot from them!


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