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Change Management

Change Management Recipe for Success

7 Key Competencies in Change Management for Success

° Proactive Thinking

° Organisation for Change

° Involving Others

° Visualising the Future

° Communicating Clearly

° Breaking from the Past

° Consolidating New Learning

Proactive Thinking

`To what extent do you regularly reflect upon what might happen in the future and make small adjustments now to be as well prepared as possible?`

Organisation for Change

`How effectively do you build a well structured and comprehensive plan to ensure that you are ready to respond to change positively, as far as you are able?`

Involving Others

`How well do you network with people to understand or learn about their feelings and to give and solicit ideas about handling the change?`

Visualising the Future

`How well do you anticipate what may happen in the long term and find ways to describe it to many people creatively or inspirationally?`

Communicating Clearly

`How plainly do you make yourself understood in talking about change at every level?`

Breaking with the Past

`How effectively do you draw a firm line between the past and the future in order to make a visible transition for others to see?`

Consolidating New Learning

`How well do you create an environment in which people feel comfortable that they can take on or learn new skills and behaviours without fear or trepidation?`

Stages of Grief/Loss when faced with Change

The roller coaster of emotions we typically go through when negotiating change includes;

Denial: It`s not really happening, will not last, will not affect us, it does not matter.

Anger: It is going to affect us, there`s nothing we can do about it, it`s going to force us to change, there will be loss and trauma.

Bargaining: If it has to be cannot we at least do it a more familiar or comfortable way?

Depression: Sometimes there is real despair at what has been lost or over the new demands or challenges we face.

Testing: We begin to engage with the change and see if the new arrangements work.

Acceptance: At first this may be grudging, but over time we can even come to be surprised at how we got by before the change.

Four Typical Reactions to Change

Pioneers: They are the first to try something new, first to get hold of or at least know about new technology or fashion or issue. They tend to be positive about new and unfamiliar ideas, confident about taking risks on new ideas.

Early Adopters: Sometimes called `cautious ALLIES`, they are in favour of change but want to do some risk assessment first, so they often watch to see what happens to the pioneers. They are sometimes vocally supportive but not as actively engaged early on.

Followers: Most of the population falls into this category. They are often the critical mass. Once they see that ` everyone is doing` they start. They may initially be skeptical or even resisting s they wait to see what will happen.

Resistors: This group of people will provide vocal and active resistance in the change process. It does not make them negative, but they need serious convincing before they will let go of the status quo `If it is not broken, do not fix it`.

The Change Management Review Process

Recognise the achievements that have been made.

Evaluate the extent to which the original goal or vision has been accomplished and how realistic it is now.

Verity the degree to which the vision or goal is currently desired, is there fatigue or is commitment still high.

Identify what might be causing setbacks or lack of progress.

Expect to make further progress, maybe by reshaping goals or strategies.

Work out an appropriate strategy for motivating and pursuing further achievements.

Effective Change Management Competencies for Success

Individuals who demonstrate change management skills well will typically;

Ø Aim to maintain an open-minded and flexible disposition to change in general.

Ø React to change with anticipation and excitement, rather than anger and anxiety.

Ø Shift gears comfortably; not be upset when things are up in the air.

Ø Evaluate varying situations from new and different perspectives; embrace change as a vehicle for improvement.

Ø Work through negativity fairly quickly with regard to changes; manage him/herself well through transitions and keep a positive attitude.

Ø Maintain productivity during tough times; be optimistic and positive; cope with rather than resist change.

Ø Look for the positives, rather than the negatives when unexpected changes occur.

Ø Demonstrate adaptable, positive and flexible behaviour in the face of major change.

Ø Actively and positively advocate for change to occur when existing methods and/or practices are not working.

Ø Aim to be balanced despite the conflicting demands of some situations; can be both tough and compassionate, empathetic and objective.

Lastly, involving `all` employees in the process can seem like a fruitless task. However, the facts are that it is not fruitless and that it dramatically engages the loyalty and productivity of employees.
`All for one and one for all` is the future success of any organisation, so start now with the `right` positive attitude that flows through the `whole` organisation and you will be successful.

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Note: About the Author Colin Thompson

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Change Management

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