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How to Win a Business Negotiation

Business Negotiation

a "how to win" guide

Business negotiation is a a key element for the transaction

If you're in business, you're a `negotiator`. You have no choice. Business doesn't happen unless two or more people enter into a transaction. Business negotiation is key to winning.

How to Win a Business Negotiation | Entrepreneur.com

This can be as simple as buying inventory or as complicated as a merger of two public companies.

Without transactions, business doesn't happen, and every transaction involves a certain amount of negotiation.

When you're in business, negotiating the best possible deals is a high, if not the highest, priority. As a business owner, you cannot know enough about negotiating.

It's a lot easier to describe what negotiation “isn't” than what it is. Let's get some things straight upfront. Negotiation is not:

• A search for truth, justice and the `UK`/`American` way.
• A friendly discussion at the corner of Starbucks.
• A quest for the perfect solution to a business issue/problem.

Make no mistake: Negotiation is a game. The goal in negotiation is to win -- to get the best deal you can. Period.

To get ready for any business negotiation, you must do three things:

Know your bargaining position.
Business negotiation basic tactics -
In every negotiation, someone is in a stronger position and someone is in a weaker position. Where are you? In any business negotiation, the side that needs the deal more is the side that gives up the most -- precisely because they need the deal and can't afford to have the other side walk away from the table.

Know how the other side perceives its position.
It isn't enough to know what your real bargaining position is. You also have to consider how each side perceives its position. As any poker player knows, sometimes a mediocre hand can be a winning hand if it's played properly. If your negotiating position isn't great but you see the other side is worried about losing the deal, you can't go wrong by coming on strong and playing to the other side's fears.

Assess your bargaining style.
Business Negotiation is Being Honest with Yourself to Win

Read the rest here -

How to Win a Business Negotiation | Entrepreneur.com

Colin Thompson - Key Note Speaker at FESPA Conference


`Building Blocks for Successful Negotiations` - presentation

The Partnership Principle
Few issues have more impact on the long-term success of your business than your ability to cut successful deals with customers, vendors, bankers and other key constituencies. We will share with you a fresh look at negotiating. Are you clinging onto old myths about how negotiating should be done? Accept that the reality can be very different! Please see points covered by the presentation;

• The Universal Law of Negotiating - Everything is negotiable.
• The Law of Unlimited Possibilities - You can always get a better deal if you know how.
• Improving Your Negotiating Skills - We can all learn new ways to be successful.

-•- Delegates will also receive a copy of the comprehensive report as an e-book - `Forging a New Path Forward in Negotiating` after the presentation.

How are you going to `Boost Your Business` in the future?

There are proven methods available that will help all Directors/Managers to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the business environment.

This report/presentation is from my seminar, it is all about the ways to,

`Building Blocks for Successful Negotiations`

Your participation is required:

All you need to say is `Yes Colin`...

Ø Would you like to be more successful?
Ø Would you like to improve your skills in negotiations for your company?
Ø Would you like to increase the opportunities for your company?
Ø Do you need help to achieve more success, improve your skills in negotiations and increase the opportunities for your company?

Right then, you are at the right place for me to share with you how to use;

`Building Blocks for Successful Negotiations`

Remember: Success is a Journey - Not a Destination...

Now let us go on that journey `together`.

10-Step Double-Dip Recession Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs - click on the connection below for comprehensive information.

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email: colin@cavendish-mr.org.uk

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Business Negotiation and you!

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