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Accelerating with Impact Your Business and Personal Growth

Welcome to the July edition of our newsletter

Accelerating with Impact
Your Business and Personal Growth with Success

e-news - Inform | Educate |Benefit

Welcome to e-news which is designed to inform and educate, providing a regular source of interesting articles, details of publications, business models and links to our other sites — everything you would expect from Cavendish in personal and business development. This month’s articles features outstanding information to help you to be more successful.

All hot topics for you to enjoy and benefit from. Please feel free to circulate e-news to your friends and colleagues to help them to be more successful in business and in life.

Visit our movies page on our website where you will be able to view many 3 minute powerful movies that are full of inspiration, innovation and the guide to help you be successful. Each movie is available with its own book of excellent solutions. To order any of the movies and books click on the connection at the end of each movie.

Articles - Learn | Discover | Benefit

Featured articles online this month include:

How - To Series of articles: Click on each one below for comprehensive information for your success.

`How to find the perfect CEO?`

`World Cup and the Global Economics`

`How to Identify Your Goals for Success!`

`Managing Sales to Cash Profitably for Success`

`10 Rules for Creating a Service Culture`

`America's $272 billion health-care fraud`

Why criminals love the world's most complicated system

`Top Tips for Better Leadership and Your Success in 2014`

Author : Colin Thompson, CEO, UK based, iCEO #49200

As every year, all over the world people step into the new year with a list of things that shall be done differently in the coming 365 days. The wish list is long: from healthier living over better work-life balance, less spending and more willpower to Name a few. But what about your work relationships? Colin Thompson shares his Top Tips to boost your leadership qualities and thus your overall success. Read more...

`Drive Performance using Competency for Your`

`Due Diligence - Find Out Everything Before You Buy A Business`

`Global Training Crisis in the Printing Industry`

`Confidence! - Global Economics`

`The Only Way is Up?`

`The Power of Encouragement`




Even profitable businesses can fail if they don’t manage their cash flow properly.

Do you or your managers have enough understanding of Cash Flow Management and related Financial Statements for the successful running of your business?

First, you need to understand cash flow, where it comes from, and how it works.
Then you need to be able to use this knowledge and a set of useful tools to manage your cash flow day-in day-out.

We help you achieve both objectives in one easy to use package.


Managing Sales to Cash Profitably - The Two Step Tango is a high quality e-Learning workshop, developed jointly by Biz Facility, Bridgewater Learning and Cavendish as part of our Financial Workshop Series. It is designed specifically to show you how to use Financial Statements and Key Financial Ratios to measure and monitor the effectiveness of your business in turning sales into profits, and then converting those profits into cash!

The workshop includes a useful Financial Health Workbook designed to help you manage your cash flows and improve your business’s effectiveness, a draft Financial Policy Document which you can adapt and implement, and some real life examples to enhance your learning experience.


The workshop itself consists of four interactive online chapters which clarify the often misunderstood concepts of profits, bank balances, and cash flow, and then show you how to accurately measure true profitability and cash flow conversion by using the financial statements of your business.

The learning outcomes will help managers to identify areas of concern, and then using the accompanying Financial Health Workbook, to make appropriate adjustments and to determine the effect of identified improvements.

The author will be available to answer your questions about any aspect of the workshop. And to conclude the workshop, you can complete a real-life exercise, and email this to the author for analysis and feedback.

The duration of the workshop is approximately four hours, and contributes to CPD points for all financial and accounting professionals.


The investment/cost of this e-Learning Workshop is £45 or the equivalent in any global currency per student, which entitles you to online access to the Workshop for 12 months, including email support from the author while you are busy. You thereafter have unlimited ongoing use of the Financial Health Workbook for your own use. Excellent material to view at any time for your success.


To view the comprehensive details and to enrol for this excellent e-Learning workshop for your success, please click here or on the link below:
The Premier Business Case Seminars Globally`

Join us at the premier training event for all business professionals who build and use the business case for `your` success.

* Master the 6D Case Building framework in two days.
* Qualify for professional education credit while you build your business case in class.
* Download business case books and software as soon as you register!

Ø 2014 Public seminars scheduled for New York, London, and Kuala Lumpur.

Ø In-house seminars scheduled for your own site.

It's no secret that the current business climate is rapidly losing its tolerance for management error while the need for rock-solid accountability is increasing.

In the current global economy, moreover, the competition for scarce funds is increasing. Plus, managers at all levels are called on more than ever, to show why the chosen course is the best course—in business terms. As a result, most important business decisions today require a business case to be successful.

Everyone talks about the "business case" these days, but surprisingly few know what this really means or what makes the difference between a strong case and a weak case. However, those who do understand essential business case concepts and master case-building skills have a strong advantage over their professional colleagues in all areas of business—including project management, product management, asset management, finance, strategic planning, and corporate governance.

Participants in Solution Matrix seminars master the Solution Matrix 6D Framework, the same structured, practical approach we have helped establish at Airbus, Allianz, BMW, Boeing, Cisco Systems, Ericsson, McDonald's, Microsoft, IBM, Xerox, NASA, NSA, and CARE, as well as government organizations in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Join more than 16,000 professionals who have successfully completed these seminars on five continents.

Learn and practice the proven 6D framework presented in our best selling books, `The Business Case Guide` and the world's most frequently cited business case book, `Business Case Essentials`. Please see the seminar agendas on the individual city pages linked below

Download case building books and software as soon as you register. `Building the Business Case` participants receive `Business Case Essentials`, the `Business Case Guide`, and `Financial Metrics Pro` immediately with registration. Master Class participants receive these resources plus the `Business Case Templates` and `Financial Modelling Pro` when they register.

Previous offerings of these seminars were sold out well in advance. Enrolment is strictly limited to 24 participants for each session.

Click the city links below for more on seminar content, scheduling, fees, and registration.

Open Seminars

London Seminars: 15-17 September • 26-28 November 2014

New York City Seminars: 10-12 September • 19-21 November 2014

Kuala Lumpur Seminars: 6-8 August • 3-5 December 2014

Melbourne and Sydney Seminars are Scheduled by Solution Matrix Pacific

In House Seminars Onsite—Your Site!

Join more than 100 industry, government, and non-profit organizations on worldwide already benefiting from onsite training. Onsite seminars include 2- and 3-day offerings of `Building the Business Case` and `Business Case Master class`, tailored for your own objectives and case building needs.

In-house seminars are a cost-effective solution for organisations needing to equip 5 or more professionals with state-of-the-art business case skills.

E-books on Course to Outsell Printed Editions in UK by 2018

The eBook will overtake the paperback and hardback as Britons' preferred format for reading their favourite novels by 2018, according to a report. The UK consumer eBook market - which excludes professional and educational books - is forecast to almost... more »

TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) prides itself on the team’s excellent reputation, credibility and expertise

TEAMWORK - `Together we achieve the extraordinary`

Do you wish to receive the complimentary publication `Driving the Business Forward`? Send your email address to colin@cavendish-mr.org.uk and we will send you the inspirational book.

Plus, the 3 minute movie `Rock Solid Leadership`
To view Colin Thompson's LinkedIn page please click on the image below:

"How You Can Start, Build, Manage or Turn Around Any Business
IPEX World is delighted to be working with Colin Thompson in providing up-to-date business information in enabling you to run your business better. Many excellent solutions to share with you for your success.
Business Advice Section - New Solutions now available on the website www.ipex.org

ecrets for Success to share with you? www.success100.co.uk

The Universal Law of Success and Achievement - start living the life you have always wanted to live by taking on board this comprehensive publication `A Wealth of Knowledge for Your Success` is a comprehensive book for `your` success. Details on www.cavendish-mr.org.uk

Mapping the Mergers & Acquisitions global market in 2014

If you’re embarking on selling your business, one question you should be asking is: ‘have I got the necessary tools and expertise available to secure maximum value for my company?’ As anyone involved in M&A will tell you, selling a company in today’s climate has become much more challenging over the past few years and demands a significant amount of resource and expertise.

Having advised on over 500eals in the last decade, international M&A specialist BCMS is a clear market-leader in the sale of privately owned companies. In a recent insight article, Steve Anstey, BCMS SME Managing Director, discusses the fundamental recent changes in the M&A market - and why entrepreneurs need to deploy the right resources to achieve maximised valuations when selling a business. Click here to read the full insight article - http://bit.ly/17WEErN

`Selling Your Business Successfully`

Invest in the comprehensive powerful report `Selling Your Business Successfully`- plus, with effective and comprehensive PowerPoint slides. Also, invest in the influential business models software;
`Buying a Business` and `Due Diligence Guide`

Partnership offices: Europe | America | Asia | Africa

Do you know who your most profitable customers are in YOUR business? Learn how to identify them and to find "Lots More" of them.
Identifying your most profitable customers is crucial to business success. Learn how to identify YOUR most profitable customers & find more. Please request this information from: colin@cavendish-mr.org.uk

Meet | Connect | Learn | Think | Lead

The Executive Boardroom is an innovative "executive support suite" to help you manage the business of business. The suite includes: Click on each header below for comprehensive information.

The Boardroom - join a dynamic peer group to meet, connect, learn, think and lead

The Scorecard - your exclusive web-based balanced scorecard with virtual mentor

The Hub - your personal online support hub with 100's of incisive videos and resources
Boardroom Bites - the FREE membership that brings you boardroom essentials.

Look around this website and you'll see how `The Executive Boardroom` will help you and your organisation now.

Then take action! Here's your option menu:- the digital guide to the full Executive Boardroom suite.


Contact Colin Thompson to share ideas with you. Details below.

The Global Training Library and Learning Guides - Knowledge | Benefit | Success

Click on `all` the images for comprehensive information for `your` success.

Click on all the images above and see for yourself

Cavendish Business News Insider

We wish to invite you to join our custom News Circle below . Please join us in using this daily as a way to stay current on information that interests us. It has real-time news from over 25,000 global sources, and includes free access to top subscription sites. We can also share comments and ideas within our group.
The links are here below, click on each section you require for comprehensive information for your success;

Cavendish Business News Insider
Corporate Finance
Mergers & Acquisitions
Small Business

The Cavendish Academy http://www.linkedin.com/e/-tc85tw-gbkla9w4-1f/vgh/3212542/

Business News Insider http://www.linkedin.com/e/-tc85tw-ghpbezie-4v/vgh/3717578/

Experts in the `Human Assets` zone - Talent | Benefit | Success

Click on the image above
Select and click on a specific country to view the available iCEOs in that country at a given time: http://www.ceo-worldwide.com/executive-search-engine-by-country.php

The UK's largest recruitment consultancy in the Printing, Packaging and Paper Industries.

Where experience and skills are number one at `any` age!

Harrison Scott Associates are the - `World Pioneers of Veriqual`

email: colin@harrison-scott.co.uk
or call Colin on his DDL: + 44 (0) 121 247 4589 or Mobile: 07831 588310


Where experience and skills are number one at `any` age!

Publications - Knowledge | Accelerate | Impact

A Wealth of Knowledge for Your Success`

ü Radically improve your performance using new knowledge
ü Rise to any challenge with Breakthrough Strategic Thinking
ü Identify the clear direction that leads to `your` success
ü Become a very successful business person
ü Gain a new direction in developing your reputation
ü . . . . and much MORE!

Open your mind to the ‘Challenges’ we face in a global trading environment to be successful.


`A Wealth of Knowledge for Your Success` is available for immediate purchase by visiting the secure Cavendish eStore online at www.cavendish-mr.org.uk-customers can download this publication in PDF Acrobat format immediately after purchase.
Ø Investment Price:£12.99, Euros 14.50, $18.50
Ø Download today direct to your computer as a pdf
Ø Visit the order page on www.cavendish-mr.org.uk

in the 21st Century

The modern world is full of awe-inspiring technology capable of sending information instantly around the globe at the push of a button. In this environment, one might think that data bound to physical pieces of paper is a relic of the past. However, Dr Colin Thompson, Managing Partner of Cavendish research indicates that organisations in industries like healthcare, banking, insurance, manufacturing and the public sector, plus any business globally, are struggling to reconcile the worlds of digital and physical data.

This publication shares with you successful ways of reducing costs immediately and improving the efficiency of the business process with excellent results that raise the `bottom-line` profit continuously. This publication is the `total package` to improve your business.

Discover how Best-in-Class companies...

Ø Reduce Document Capture Costs
Ø Decrease Document Search Times
Ø Cut Operational Expenses
Ø Implement a `Content Management System` to increase efficiency
Ø And `Leading Change` to increase the `bottom-line` rewards and benefit your business long-term

In this extract from his e-book, `The Hidden Overhead`, Colin Thompson argues that more companies should operate comprehensive control systems to bring big savings in time and money.

`The Hidden Overhead` is available for immediate purchase by visiting the secure Cavendish eStore online at www.cavendish-mr.org.uk -customers can download this publication in PDF Acrobat format immediately after purchase.

`Recession-Busting Solutions`

We are experiencing the biggest financial crisis in living memory, are you prepared? If not, invest in this powerful publication for success! R=Recovery.

`Recession - Busting Solutions` by Colin Thompson

Contents of 316 pages in A5 [ISBN 978-1-84549-289-4] It is priced £12.99/$18.50/€14.50 and is available through www.cavendish-mr.org.uk

`Accelerate with Impact`

Get Started on Your Own Personal Success Journey Today!
Invest in the inspirational publication `Accelerate with Impact` - YOU will benefit from reading this book.

`Accelerate with Impact` -
by Colin Thompson ISBN: 978-1-84549-289-2

Invest in this publication which will help you to be successful in business life and in general life. This book can be purchased from;

and all High Street bookshops worldwide

Everyone can be successful in every walk of life, so go and lead your way to success in every way possible in business and home life, as they are both the same!

"Turn Challenges into Great Success -- and Triumph Over Adversity Every Time!"

When Colin Thompson was 20 years old, he embarked on a quest that would test his mental strength, will power and physical endurance.

Join him as he shares this life-changing experience...and learn how we can all achieve the "impossible" when we put our minds to it.
Success is a Journey
By reading Colin`s captivating book `Accelerate with Impact` you will learn how to;
Ø Set and achieve big goals
Ø Learn and grow from overcoming obstacles
Ø Develop a character of persistence and unshakeable self-confidence
Ø Learn the key skills required for success

`Create Your Own Success Story`

"Your wealth is hiding under the very thing you are afraid to do."

Why just want it...when you can HAVE IT.

Why just imagine it... when you can SEE IT.

Why just attract it...when you can CREATE IT.
GO BEYOND the Law of Attraction to the LAW OF CREATION... and step into a world where opportunities manifest spontaneously. Where you align with the universe automatically. Where you do not have to wait for the things you want to come to you - THEY'RE ALREADY HERE! Take on board `Create Your Own Success Story` - ISBN: 978-1-84549-260-1 and make your own success.

"The best way to change your life and achieve success...in minutes"
Become a no-limit person! YOU can change your life by changing the way you think about yourself and your potential. YOU will open new doors to unlimited possibilities and put yourself on the road to a better, more fulfilling professional and personal life.

Take on board the publication ` Create Your Own Success Story` ISBN 978-1-84549-260-1

Foreword by Tim Watts - Group Chairman of Pertemps Group, UK. " This powerful and inspirational new publication introduces us into the real world of the way to `Create Your Own Success Story`. This publication is a `must` to those who strive to be an `Entrepreneur of the 21st Century`."

`Create Your Own Success Story` by Colin Thompson
236 pages ISBN 978-1-84549-260-1 is published by Arima publishing.

Get Started on Your Own Personal Success Journey Today!
Invest in this publication which will help you to be successful in business life and in general life. This book can be purchased from;
and all High Street bookshops worldwide

`Growth Blueprint for the Business and Individual`

Providing the Solutions for Success in Building Your Excellent Business with the powerful publication `Growth Blueprint for the Business and Individual`.

Here's a taste of what's in store for you:
ü How to Become an Excellent Leader
ü How to Attract and Keep Excellent People in your business
ü How to Develop an Excellent Business Plan
ü How to Offer an Excellent Product or Service
ü How to Deliver Superior Customer Service
ü How to Create an Excellent Marketing Plan
ü Plus many more solutions for success
If you want to boost your profits and really succeed in your business, you must know these business truths.

If you want to know what it takes to survive the coming new economy—you do not want to miss this.

In addition, once you accept our invitation to invest in the publication, you will be armed with valuable solutions on how to not only beat your competition, but how to survive and thrive in the new economy.

Start with the `Growth Blueprint for the Business and Individual`

Colin Thompson has helped thousands of businesses and individuals improve their performance. In this inspirational book he shares, the key ways to achieve success on a daily basis. Something everyone can learn to harness potential and achieve a winning mindset by taking on board this powerful information.

Based on real-world experience, whether you are climbing the career ladder, running your own business, or an aspiring entrepreneur, using this inspirational book is a investment for your success 'Growth Blueprint for the Business and Individual` will move you to an exceptional high level.


`Growth Blueprint for the Business and Individual` is available for immediate purchase/investment by visiting the secure Cavendish eStore online at; www.cavendish-mr.org.uk - customers can download this e-book in PDF Acrobat format immediately after purchase.

Please see many more solutions on www.cavendish-mr.org.uk


Our Goal - Team Work | Pride | Success

ü Changing Limited People into Limitless People
ü Turning Limited Companies into Limitless Companies

Our Mission - Solutions | Credibility | Results

Our mission is two-fold: first, to offer insights that enable people to discover both their personal and business potential; and second, to do so in a fun and effective way that fosters connection and community. We do this via business consulting, publications, seminars and speeches.

We can all choose to walk a path with heart and accountability. Our work can support our path to be one of personal development, contribution to society and positive `bottom-line` results.

Communication - Inform | Knowledge | Benefit

Please visit www.cavendish-mr.org.uk to view in detail the many business models, plus many more powerful solutions to help you to be successful.

For more information contact:

Colin Thompson

Strategist | Mentor | Speaker | Author

Managing Partner - Cavendish

DDL: + 44 (0) 121 247 4589

Mobile: 07831 588310

Main T: + 44 (0) 121 244 1802




View my profile on click on the image

Success is a journey, not a destination. Our goal is simple… to help you reach yours.

(Together Everyone Achieves More)
prides itself on the team’s excellent reputation, credibility and expertise.


"In the 30 years I have been involved in higher education, this is one of the best packages I have seen for non-financial managers. The software is user-friendly and guides non-accountants through the profession's complexities, dispelling the mystique." "Every principal in further education should purchase a copy"

Dr. Philip Dunn, University lecturer and author UK

"Since five years now, I frequently use the information and guidelines given by Colin through his website, weekly bulletins and personal contact. As a German Scientist in the medical as well biomedical field, I constantly face international competition and with Colin`s help, I stay on the top of most of my issues surfacing on a daily base. I highly recommend for any business, no matter in which industrial field or branch of Science, to get firsthand experience using Colin`s years of knowledge in Business Management and Marketing."

Prof. Dr. med. Hans J. Kempe
Genopuls Technic LLC

`Colin as helped me, my management team and all our personnel and my business since 1999 in the following areas; Sales increased by 92%, Net Profit increased by 50% plus, updated all Assets, implemented new computer systems, new management systems, mentor/coach and contributed to our successful business. Colin is an excellent and powerful Non-Executive Director who helps me, my personnel and my business become more successful. The company was successful sold in 2007`.

David Pearson
Former Managing Director
Pearlan Decals Limited

"Colin was there at the beginning of my career and over the years has proven to be a significant mentor to me.

Colin is an inspirational business educator and is passionate about industry and in challenging all of us to think outside the box and to strive for new knowledge. His weekly bulletins are thought provoking and prompt us into action, supported with excellent material and case studies it gives confidence in taking the difficult first steps of progress. Colin is never afraid to say what we are all thinking in the hope of keeping us ` Fit for Business`. With his help I am a very successful business man with knowledge of business and people management."

Tony Gill
and former CEO
encore Direct Plc and encore Washington Ltd
2002 Entrepreneur of the Year

"These publications, guides, research reports, DVD`s and CD`s make it possible for the non-specialist to acquire sound knowledge, quickly and effectively"

Dominic Grudzien
Joint Managing Partner
Harrison Scott Associates

" I have been a colleague of Colin Thompson`s for over two decades and have enjoyed reading his many communications and thoughts on business and business process. I have always respected his opinions and from time to time have been able to implement some of his suggestions. His advice hasbeen extremely helpful".

Tim Watts
Group Chairman
Pertemps Group

"Colin Thompson is acknowledged as one of the foremost consultants in the graphic arts arena. His reality based experience has been used to good effect to help those operating in the sector to take their business to a different level. He has a no nonsense approach and quickly recognises the core of any issue enabling him to provide relevant and appropriate solutions."

Sidney Bobb
The British Association of Print and Communication

" Colin and I worked together in the USA almost two decades ago and we remain in contact over the years as we follow each others` career. I have always enjoyed reading his communications, research reports, publications and thoughts on business and business process. I respect his opinions and have been able to implement many of his recommendations within my print manufacturing businesses here in the United States. His advice has been extremely insightful"

Casey Campbell
President and CEO

" Colin is a first rate professional and trusted business advisor. He is sharp, relevant, authoritative and eloquent. Collaboration with him is a pleasure, and I have learned something new and valuable at every interaction with him and his highly-regarded business materials."

Mark Surguy
Commercial Lawyer
Pinsent Masons

`From Strategy to Shareholder Value - A Value Creation Approach`

"A lecture by Colin at Cambridge University which is a "MUST" to those who strive to be `The Managing Class of the 21st Century`

Dr. Luis L. Bravo-Sampedro
Group Managing Director
Societe Europeene D`Ingenierie

" I did recognize immediately the thought leadership and authority that comes from Colin's person and work. You`ll find many very committed and brilliant people in this industry. However, Colin out performs them with his passion for this business, his impressive heritage, his ability to simplify the complexity of Digital Printing and his open mind, enabling him to not only concentrate on Document Management but also on other very promising parts of human life"

Jan Hol
Senior Vice President - Communications
Corporate Headquarters
Venlo, The Netherlands

"These publications, educational CD's and Research Reports are practical, user friendly, and full of useful information to help you to be successful. All these publications are highly recommended by the Institute of Professional Financial Managers."

Professor Dr. Jeff Wooller FCA - UK"

"I enjoy reading Colin`s weekly bulletin news as his management perspective is unique to the printing industry, and his ability to `pinpoint` target areas for print management to concentrate on key changes required to be more successful and profitable, is absolutely required in the print industry environment of today and tomorrow."

Terry Nagi
USA`s notable Strategic Planning and Marketing Guru

" I would like to say how valuable your regular business news wires and information have been over the years. Masses of good ideas, information and advice. Keep up the good work, Colin".

Stefan Olsberg
Voice Connect Ltd

"Cavendish has a powerful website that encompasses a wide range of business know-how that skilfully links theory with practical applications for continually improving the quality of management. The volume of excellent information that flows from this website is daunting - yet each week it provides a different focus for driving businesses forward. I know of no other website that provides this kind of knowledge on tap."

Chris Springford
International Business Development Consultancy

`Strategic Leadership to Raise the Bar`

"Colin is one of those rare breeds of business man that have actually done it, worked in industry at various levels with skills and experience that have developed new start up companies, business turnarounds, re-engineering, acquisitions, mergers and new corporate identities as a successful Managing Director and displayed his entrepreneurial spirit many times throughout his career.

In this publication he has brought together his thoughts on almost every area of business that you may get stuck on, but he has done it in his own unique way. Each Chapter is to the point and written in lay man's terms, which serve as a good reference tool if you wanted to pick and choose chapters for study. SMEs need as much practical advice and business tools for success and this book I would describe as a business toolkit for success.

Don't just read it, but put the ideas into practise. Business is simple, but not easy. I believe this publication is much more than the title suggests`. `Raise your Bar` and you will be very successful after reading this excellent publication".

Karl George MBE


Please visit the website for many more testimonials.


Useful Solutions



This CD-ROM is a breakthrough concept which takes you step-by-step through the complex process of `Interpreting Accounts` by easy diagrams and text. Used by many individuals and companies. View our testimonials page.


How to improve customer service and the benefits of quality service which impact on increasing the `bottom-line`. Available on CD.


Clearly recognises the importance of `cash flow`. This business model is a `complete` system on how to improve your cash flow and the retention of customers for life.


Over 720 pages of powerful information which includes charts, graphs and detailed information and interviews with high powered executives on the `Digital` world for now and the future. A must for all to understand the way forward in the 21st century.


Margin Hunter is a business model that improves margins by at least 1% of sales. It establishes customer and product profile based on the margin they generate and acts as the spring board for managing overall performance of the organisation.


The business case you deliver must score high in credibility, accuracy, and practical value.

Reaching those objectives begin by understanding that numbers alone do not make the case. How you design, develop, and present the case is as important as the return on investment (ROI) and other figures you project.


Strategic Leadership to Raise the Bar

Reach Your Goals

Create Your Own Success Story

Accelerate with Impact

The Guide to Successful Interviews

Quantum Leap to Success

Recession-Busting Solutions

Digital Printing Marketing

Selling the Print Solution

The Digital Print Sales System

Formula for Success

Many 3 Minute Movies plus a book with each movie

Plus many more...................


`The European Printing Industry and the Impact of China on the World`

`The Hidden Overhead`

Plus many more...............


Strategies for turning around a troubled business

Exit Strategies for Business Owners and Directors

Business Health Check

Non-Executive Director

Speaker at Seminars and Conferences

Mergers and Acquisitions Services



Solutions for Quality

Services to Industry and Individuals

Business Plans

Business Models

Research Reports


Many 3 Minute Movies

Success Tools

Margin Hunter

Balance Learning

Plus many more...............


for all your needs

USA Office

4035 Highwood Court, NW Washington DC 20007

Our goal is:

Changing Limited People into Limitless People
Turning Limited Companies into Limitless Companies

Our Vision is:

· Success is a journey, not a destination

· Our goal is simple…to help you reach yours

Accelerating with Impact Your Business and Personal Growth

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