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LIVE BP Feed of Oil Leak in Gulf of Mexico

Multiple BP LIVE Video Feeds Below...
Live in the Gulf of Mexico at 5,000 feet below on the sea floor at the BP Deepwater Horizon oil leak on the Macondo well. Live video feed of crude oil gushing into the sea (Top Kill failed, they capped, well sort of the wellhead with the upside down funnel or "lower marine package cap" [LMRP] to siphon the hydrocarbons from the leak to tankers above...) --

August 4, 2010 -- GOOD NEWS! BP almost has plugged the oil leak. Now for the massive clean-up...
"BP says it has achieved 'static kill' on Gulf of Mexico well" See MarketWatch article - BP says MC252 well has reached static condition

BREAKING -- Testing of BP well integrity "detected seep a distance from the well" in the Gulf of Mexico, Ret. Adm. Thad Allen says. CNN

Day 90 BP Gulf Oil Leak -
July 18, 2010
BP's new containment cap "appears" to be working, which is great. But it is still too early to 100% say with details like this from the Coast Guard and the oil giant on the process; "that would mean oil would have to be released back into the Gulf for three days to release pressure from the well, Suttles said. The oil giant hopes to instead keep the oil shut in until its permanent measure is completed, although Suttles said BP was taking it day by day."
See: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/07/17/gulf-waits-oil-plugged-long/

July 10, 2010 -Now here is finally some good news from the Deepwater BP oil leak: "BP oil leak could be completely contained as early as Monday if a new, tighter cap can be fitted over the blown-out well, feds say..." Let's hope so.

June 20- wonder how the BP oil leak is looking on the surface by where the Deepwater Horizon rig was? Terrible. See - Aerial photos of the oil slick

June 16 Leak and Spill Update - BP agrees to $20 billion dollar fund for Gulf aid with president Obama -details still sketchy, as oil plumes away from the leaking BOP still...

June 13 Update. Damage below seabed in the well bore? And - Focus on damage control from BP and Whithouse.

June 11 oil spill update-
New estimate: Up to 40,000 barrels a day was coming from BP well (CNN) So, I guess the 120,000 barrel a day estimate mentioned below is more correct than not, the way it is moving...

BP to Burn Oil on Gulf Surface! In part it reads, "Once on board, the oil and gas collected from the well would be sent down a boom and burned at sea." They claim to hope to ignite and bake some 420,000 of crude oil on a daily basis! Hmmm. Well, I guess better than letting it float in the water and wash up on shore, but still sounds strange to dangerous to me.

The current, although leaking badly, funnel cap, is trapping about 462,000 gallons of leaking crude oil, which is getting better, it would appear, at least on paper. Now, just click on the image below to see what it looks like down by the leaking oil well... If that is 50% of what is leaking then we have still 100% a major problem (Video of Leaking oil around Containment cap). They are now also reporting that BP will replace the current cap, with a new, tighter fitting containment cap in a month. (Yet again another risky attempt with ROV's thousands of feet below on the ocean floor. Nothing more on the scientists report that the wellhead itself, at the seabed was leaking from BP...

BP Containment Cap Making a Difference? (image of leaking BP cap) - You decide.

Coast Guard said today that by July, BP will have this leak to a trickle. Let us hope so. The market makers, on the other hand do not seem to buy it...BP share price on NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) down 50% since oil rig sinking and oil slicks. BP per share price down 14% today, June 9. 2010 at one point alone...

+ Live Ships Map of clean-up efforts-

Almost a week ago now we saw the containment cap lowered onto the cut portion of the riser on the BOP on-top of the BP Deepwater oil well. (Caught use of dispersant chemicals in oil plume on this video.) Yet we can see on the video feeds below that oil is still pouring or billowing out... BOP cutting started almost a week ago now, see archived video of sawing the oil pluming BOP here. Here's he video footage of a few days ago: "Cutting Riser from BOP June 1, 2010 - BP Oil leak containment attempts". This LMRP (picture 1) or better know as the "Lower Marine Package Cap" (picture 2 lowered in Gulf) looks different than the finned top-hat cap they used.

Here is live video feed right from
--- --- ---
Be patient, this one runs or displays intermittently.
BP Publishes All Live Feeds - see below (source - GLP):

Live feeds from Ocean Intervention III – ROV 1

Live feeds from Ocean Intervention III - ROV2

Live feeds from Viking Poseidon – ROV 1

Live feeds from Viking Poseidon – ROV 2

Live feeds from Boa Deep C – ROV 1

Live feeds from Boa Deep C – ROV 2

Live feeds from Skandi ROV1

Live feeds from Skandi ROV2

Live feeds from Enterprise – ROV 1

Live feeds from Enterprise – ROV 2

Live feeds from Q4000 – ROV 1

Live feeds from Q4000 – ROV 2

--- --- ---

First Source:
Bill Nelson, U.S. Senator from Florida

More details on this video feed can be read here, on Godlike Productions

Picture of BP Containment Cap and gushing wellhead

Live BP Feed of oil leak in Gulf of Mexico #ends

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Comments on this item:

27-06-2010 18:41:40
BP need a very strong robot to place and maintain tightly an efficient cap on the top of the BOP.
Look at :


Copy and paste the link
BP Oil Fix
28-06-2010 17:14:47
How to stop the BP Gulf oil spill video:

Alex BP Oil
30-06-2010 09:59:31
Just imagine if a hurricane rips right up the middle of the Gulf of Mexico and by the BP Deepwater Horizon oil leak site..

BP and the Coast Guard send oil-skimming ships back to shore as nasty weather from Hurricane Alex churn up rough seas and powerful winds.

fred quimby
13-07-2010 14:40:02
How come your feeds are different to these???!!!!

Will Notwork
14-07-2010 23:48:20
Bp dumping oil all over the beaches and smoke up our a$$ses at our cost
This will fail too

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