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Obama hits Clinton on NAFTA support

Ahead of Stress Test Results, Banks Balk at More Federal Aid

Anheuser-Busch InBev to slash 1,400 U.S. jobs

The Fed: We saved the world from disaster, Bernanke says

Inflation Will Save Us! Inflation Will Save Us! (1933 Propaganda Film)

Alternate Money Supply Data - May Estimate

Indiana & North Carolina: Hillary vs Barack - The Google Effect

USPS letting go 150,000+ employees- Breaking News:

P/E Ratios point to market collapse?

Clinton reaches for Pa. win; Obama predicts close vote

Palin, on Offensive, Attacks Obama?s Ties to ?60s Radical - New York Times

Obama aides stress long term, warn of 10% unemployment

Chinese Exports Drop Sharply

Russian Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Goldman's Secret Trading Formula

Switzerland?s oldest bank advises clients to get out of all US securities

Irony - TU Delft Building collapses like Towers in NYC

Big news- U.S. corporate credit unions seized

The Great American Bubble Machine - Video on Goldman Sachs Market Manipulation...

Congress, White House Reach Financial Bailout Deal

Palin's PAC First Step to 2012 - Washington Post

Royal Dutch Shell swings to $2.8 billion loss as prices fall

U.S. Sets Plan for Toxic Assets

China's New Plan To Take Over The World

Global Central Banks Join The "Short Dollar" Bandwagon

Crash of 2009 (2008/2007) - 2010 and 2014; comparing to 1930

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