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Bank Of America

Bank of America is now tring to "modify" my morgage after three years of going back and forth with paper work and what seems like millions of phone calls. They are urging me to call the "Presidents Office" and talk to someone because they want to hurry and there isn't much time left. I found it to be strange because in the past 3 yrs they took plenty of time and now they are in a hurry! I'm curious as to what they have to say, but I'm in no hurry to call them back. My chain of title has been broken, my mortgage has been "assigned" to MERS in no uncertain terms. Washington Mutual gave my mortgage to Chase, not recorded, Chase has no idea where it is . I got my records from the County Recorders office and what a stinking mess, even I could see that my mortage has been seciritized and I think I found the prospectus, "BANA CIG HFI 1ST LIEN GOV REW". BOA is nothing but a debt collector aat this point. My morgage has been bought and sold many times, never being recorded. I'm actually afraid to talk to BOA, htier evilness scares me. We have lost so much though this whole thing and I find no reason to trust them now. Open for suggestions, please help!

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